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[Warning: Art contains mild spoilers for the story, just to be safe]

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Art: Two Souls (Sam/Dean)

Game Prompt - Beyond: Two Souls
Artist: riverofwind
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Warnings: I had to write the summary, but other than that no warnings

Summary: Dean Winchester's life is pretty average. Sure, his dad raised him to be a monster hunter to avenge his dead mother and brother. And okay, said baby brother has been psychically linked to him ever since his death and is generally an invisible pain in the ass. But it's fine, he can deal with being the Haley Joel Osment reject who talks to the dead guy. Falling for the little bitch? Not part of the program.

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Art: Déjà Vu (Jared/Jensen)

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[Warning: Art contains spoilers for the fic, and one flashing image - frames occur in 2.5 second intervals, so it's not too bad, but just to be safe]
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I think my favorite thing about making these is getting to put words before the suffix "-raffes."

Well Played, Spring, You Dick

Nothing like a swollen eye to remind you why springtime is the devil's time if you're like me and allergic to every plant known to man's spawn. I'll be over here buried underneath a pile of pollen if you need me.
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Goodbye, Winter

I'm lazy, so I waited until mid-April to retire my winter giraffes. Now it feels weird having one where they aren't touching again after I've been inadvertently using the same two positions since Halloween.

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Happy Easter weekend, folks. I'm finally putting up my piece for spnspringfling, because what better time to claim a wet monster snake than Easter weekend? Anyway, the prompt I went with of yohkobennington's was "well that went wrong quickly." Because a) I look for any excuse to draw an animal, b) I watched a documentary on titanoboa like the week before prompts went out, and c) I like the image of a pissed off Sam yelling at Dean because he doesn't quite get the whole 'cutting off the head isn't helpful at all' thing.

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*Posting because I've been pressured under threat of a barrage of notp fanfic - blackrabbit42 is the devil*

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